Business Opportunities


This world first technology offers some unique business opportunities as follows:

  • Shweeb velodromes
  • Shweeb scenic routes
  • Shweeb transport systems
  • Adventure Cluster destination model (in collaboration with Agrojet, Bungy, Swoop, Freefall Extreme, Zorb and Skyline luge)

Shweeb is a world first innovation with multiple applications.  In addition, the Shweeb has become a founding member of the Adventure Tourism Group of NZ (“ATGNZ”).  This cluster model affords the possibility of creating a true destination site incorporating world first and NZ iconic adventure activities with extensive operational and safety records.  See also (for Agrojet, Bungy/Swoop and Freefall Extreme), and

Potential partners may be:

  • Land owners with high footprint sites or on major tourism routes
  • Investors or entrepreneurs
  • Potential Operators  
  • Leisure/ tourism consultants, entities or groups
  • Local councils/ government (for Shweeb transport systems)

Site characteristics:

Potential Shweeb or Adventure Cluster sites require:

  • high footprints – meaning proximity to a significant population base and/or on a major tourism route (and fairly constant traffic flow throughout a year)
  • a relatively stable political and economic environment
  • the ability to attain long leases on reasonable terms
  • reasonable weather conditions all year round

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